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Roger Hau

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Since graduating from Stanford, Roger has been on a mission to change the world with data. At Tableau, he invented the Tableau Object Model and built products that enabled people to tell stories with data,. At Dexterity, he was a Product Founder, and used data to train robots to work in warehouses and supply chains. Roger secured the Dexterity’s first contract, deployed the first robots, and took the business from a Seed stage to a $1.5B valuation.

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Hung Tran

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Hung studied Systems Engineering at Stanford’s Computer Science department. He has led teams and shipped enterprise products at large firms such as Google & Microsoft and Two-Sigma as well as at startups like Vise & Airtable. From the cloud to high-frequency trading to consumer finance to no-code, Hung has shipped products that enabled end users to create value from raw data.

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