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In-Network Analysis

PayerPrice has all the in-network contracts between payers and providers, down to the NPI level. Whether you're building a payer directory, creating a new insurance plan in a new geography, or trying to understand which provider is in-network with which payers, PayerPrice can serve those queries with clean insights at a fraction of the cost of messy claims databases.

Practice Acquisition

Whether you have a target in mind, or are searching for opportunities, PayerPrice allows you to quickly surface M&A opportunities by searching and filtering by specialty, geography, and procedure code to find under-monetized practices.

Revenue Cycle Auditing

With PayerPrice as your data partner, it's easy to compare claim payments at the line level against now-published contracted rates between the plan network and rendering provider. We can deliver Machine Readable File (MRF) data for the plans you administer, or you can send us a spreadsheet and we'll do the rest.

What the health is price transparency?

The Price Transparency Rule is a federal law that went into effect July 2022. This law requires all commercial payers to make their prices publicly available via a machine-readable file (MRF). In summary, regulation requires insurance companies to make the costs of healthcare public.

Our data is sourced from the machine-readable files posted by the insurers themselves as a part of compliance with the government’s Price Transparency Rule. While PayerPrice is working towards a future where providers and payers collaborate on our platform to create 100% upfront price certainty, it’s important to note the limitations and errors that are sometimes found in this data.

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